The First of Four Factors

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The four factors are all key to the survival of your dental practice. Each one is crucial if you want to grow and expand. Think of these four factors as a system that, once locked into place, can accomplish the results you’ve been striving to achieve. New Patient Acquisition is a major part of that system.


New Patient Acquisition is very necessary to your practice. If you fail to continuously get new patients then your business isn’t going to stay viable. This factor requires enough attention so that you have a constant wave of new patients coming in.


Let’s talk about New Patient Acquisition, the first of the four factors that are going to contribute to the growth of your dental practice.


Converting Calls

Acquiring new patients can be done in a number of ways. One method, which I talked about in an earlier post, is converting phone calls into appointments. This is a great way to take advantage of the amount of calls which come into your dental practice on a daily basis.


There’s a specific formula to call conversion. The formula is to keep the person on the phone for longer than a minute and a half. By doing this, you’ll break through that make or break point of losing a prospect. There’s a higher chance to convert this call if you keep them on the phone. Ask questions of concern in order to keep them on the line. Probe them about what pain they’re experiencing, etc. Allow them to talk.


This will help them feel taken care of and it will transfer the control of the conversation over to you. After they’ve communicated what’s going on, ask them when they can come in for an examination. This is one valuable method of getting new patients in.


The Most Effective Method

The most effective method to getting new patients is through referrals. The Internal Referral Campaign is your biggest asset when it comes to the New Patient Acquisition factor. The Internal Referral Campaign is Viva’s campaign that works to get you referrals from existing patients. By using the VIVAPaks, you can enhance your internal referral campaign and increase the level of New Patient Acquisition at your dental practice.


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The Distinction Between Branding and Marketing


It’s common to use the words branding and marketing in an interchangeable manner, but that can create some confusion within the subjects. There is a distinction between the two words that’s important to understand if you’re trying to build and expand your dental practice.


Marketing is all about putting yourself out there and promoting. Marketing is essentially selling the target audience on your dental practice.


Every time you market your dental practice, you’re making yourself vulnerable to the outside world in the hopes that people will want to place themselves under your dental care.


Now that we’ve covered marketing in an ultimately basic way, let’s discuss branding and how the two differ. Branding has a whole different type of basis than marketing, because to brand is essentially to lure them in by showing who you are and what you’re about without trying to sell.


Branding should underlie your marketing efforts. Your logo, your theme, the overall atmosphere that makes up your dental practice – all these go hand in hand to create your brand identity.


It’s a necessity. You have to use branding and marketing strategies if you want to see your dental practice succeed. The result of combining the two is a very, very remunerative one. Viva does just that. By incorporating top quality branding with impactful marketing strategies, Viva takes your dental practice to the next level. Find out more about what Viva has to offer, here.


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What Are The Four Factors to your Success?


The Four Factors are the elements of marketing that a practice needs in order to expand on a long term, continuous basis.


The first factor is New Patient Acquisition. The second factor is Treatment Plan Acceptance. The third factor is Patient Retention. The fourth factor is Patient Reactivation – which is the action of getting dormant patients (who have been inactive from anywhere between 18 to 24 months) back into your dental practice.


If you align all of your marketing efforts with these four factors, your practice will grow exponentially – and you can expect to see results in a short period of time.


The Viva System was developed specifically to involve and address all four factors. This makes for a powerful marketing system. This also means that the work has already been done for you, on the marketing side of your dental practice. All you have to do now is put the Viva System into place. It’s that easy.


Realize that the Viva System is an unflawed, cost-effective marketing system developed by marketing experts that have over 25 years of experience in dental marketing. Use the Viva System and create expansion in your dental practice like you’ve never seen.


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Reap the Benefits of the Basic Package


While you’re on this journey to building your brand, keep in mind that each step of the way is a valuable action which will inevitably result in the success and expansion of your dental practice. Keep faith, and don’t give up. Building your brand is one of the most important aspects of building your practice.


Building your brand, marketing your dental practice, promoting the very valuable work that it is you do – these things don’t have to be frustrating. Not anymore. With Viva, we combine three necessary campaigns that all share the same striking results toward building your brand.


What we refer to as the Basic Package here at Viva is a combination of the New Patient Referrals campaign, the Patient Reactivation & Loyalty Mailers campaign and the Neighborhood Brochure Mailers campaign. Not only that, but it includes 3 Annual Office Training Symposiums all to the benefit of your dental career.


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to market yourself with Viva – instead, reap the impressive benefits of the Basic Package. Once you see the effectual campaigns working their magic, you will experience tremendous success in your dental practice.


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Loyalty Branded Package


The marketing law, which relates to all the marketing in your practice – including branding strategies – is: your marketing response is only proportionate to the volume of distribution of that marketing item. This law is a very simple (yet powerful) tool when utilized. Let’s take a look at how this could apply to branding strategies.


In order to get known in your community as the go-to dentist, and really popularize your dental practice, you have to make sure that you’ve got the right branding campaign behind you. Your ultimate goal is stable patient acquisition and retention, as well as a high level of case acceptance.


If you want to reach this ultimate goal, and the true potential of your success, you’ve got to implement an effective and efficient branding campaign.


Whether or not you’re new to marketing your dental practice, it’s likely that the connection between marketing and increased brand awareness doesn’t elude you. And it’s likely that you can see how increased brand awareness is what leads you to your ultimate goal.


The most cost-effective route, while retaining top quality products (mailers, referral cards, brochures, etc.), is Viva’s Loyalty Branded Package. Get involved with Viva today. Don’t wait to reach that ultimate goal.

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How to Create Brand Loyalty in Your Dental Practice


Building brand loyalty in your dental practice is a worthwhile effort in the direction of getting new patients, as well as patient retention. Brand loyalty is a given once you increase brand awareness. This is the area of your practice that requires a lot of attention, as well as persistence, in order to see final results.


Your main objective with building brand loyalty is creating that stable commitment from your dental patients. By being a great, gentle, competent dentist you can accomplish this.


However – there’s another piece to the puzzle. That is, increasing brand awareness. Both efforts work in conjunction to create the brand loyalty and atmosphere you’ve been waiting for. And accomplishing all of this doesn’t have to be difficult.


Let’s talk about how to get to where you want to be.


In order to enhance your brand and reach a larger number of dental patients, you’re going to have to put yourself out there with quality marketing. Viva provides just what you need in terms of top quality marketing. With the marketing campaigns offered at Viva you can create the level of expansion in your dental practice that you’ve been hoping for. It’s cost-effective and it’s fast.


Don’t hold yourself back from the success that you want. Invest in quality marketing and make brand loyalty a reality at your dental practice.


Source: Build your brand with Viva today.

Is Your Logo Original?


In order to build your brand you have to have a logo that’s inviting and really pops out to people. You’re going to want a logo that simultaneously communicates and is easily assimilated by the person who looks at it. What you really want is a logo that will stick in somebody’s mind, as they hold a pleasant impression of your dental practice.


A great logo can really do a lot for the process of increasing brand awareness. Think about the major brands like Nike with its famous “Swoosh” trademark, or Starbucks with its long standing Siren emblem.


These days it’s a lot more difficult to find a logo that is both original and hasn’t been trademarked already.


At Viva, we offer a logo service that will either upgrade your existing logo or create a new one. Our innovative design team works with you to create exactly what you’re looking for.


With an original logo designed to lure patients and prospective patients in, you can take your brand to the next level and truly stand out as a dentist in your community.


Sources: Viva’s Logo Service

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